Welcome to Firespore

Empower Your Online Community with Firespore: Your All-in-One Self-Hosted Social Media Solution. Unleash the full potential of your niche social network with Firespore’s advanced features, seamless user experience, and complete control over your data. Elevate your online presence and build a thriving online community using Firespore’s scalable and secure self-hosted script.

User profiles

The profile page shows all of the users content and information.


Group system with feed and media items

images & videos

Upload images, collections and videos to the feed.

Live streaming

Users can go live and their streams get saved as vod.

Comments & Reactions

Write comments or use reactions to express your feelings.


Let users sell on the integrated marketplace

Follow system

Users can follow others to stay updated according to their interests.


Let users upload songs and albums to their profile


Firespore gets constant updates and new features added. See a list of available features below!

  • Image or image collection upload
  • Video upload
  • Autoplay videos on scroll
  • Mobile first development
  • Self hosted live streaming
  • Record live streams
  • Status updates
  • Marketplace
  • Music
  • Groups
  • Full ajax browsing
  • Follow system
  • Hashtags
  • User verification
  • S3 compatible storage support
  • Autocomplete search
  • Blocks for most viewed items
  • Blocks for latest items
  • Blocks for hashtags and trending hashtags
  • Dark mode
  • Magic link login
  • Messages / Live chat
  • Admin panel
  • Usergroups
  • Unique design
  • Modular system
  • API
  • Many more…

Firespore Hosting

We offer different hosting solutions to fit your personal needs. 

Self-hosted Solution

Host Firespore on your own infrastructure. You will get the full source code and everything you need. Use the installation script to get your site ready in minutes.


Get Firespore ready installed on our servers. Within the admin panel you can set up your logo and banner images to personalize your new site.


Firespore will be hosted on our own server infrastructure. The site will always have the latest updates installed. We do all the dirty server work for you. Just upload your logo and landing page banner and you are ready to go!

Leave us a message

If you are interested in Firespore or have further questions do not hesitate to send us a message.