Empower Your Users to Monetize Their Content

Exciting news! Our latest feature, Pay2Follow, enables your platform’s users to monetize their content while offering exclusive access to their followers for a small monthly fee.

How It Works

Users can easily activate this feature in their account settings. They have the flexibility to set a monthly fee in coins for followers to access their premium content. Additionally, when posting images, videos, or other items, they can choose whether everyone sees them or limit access to just their followers, creating exclusive content for paying subscribers.

Benefits for Your Platform

This feature is ideal for content creators on your platform who want to monetize their expertise. By offering exclusive content to paying followers, they can generate an additional revenue stream while increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

Implementing Pay2Follow

It’s simple for your users to get started. They can enable Pay2Follow in their settings, set the monthly fee, and start designating which posts are exclusive to their paying followers.

Empower your users to turn their content into a valuable asset and enhance engagement on your platform with Pay2Follow.

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